Snacks from nature

Finally you experience how a real snack should taste

Meat & Vegi

We are proud to claim that of every snack we serve, two choices are offered: a meat and a veggie variant

Food truck & winkel

You can book our food truck for each party ; from birthday to wedding and from corporate event to festival.


Grizzl has a nature based approach.
Luckily our suppliers think the same way and you can taste that!
Just follow your taste!

Juicy Meat

The quality of our meat snacks is outstanding, quarantined the best bite & good for all!

Meat Burger

The classic burger is made of 100% naturally meat with homemade Grizzl sauce served on leavened bread from the bakery.

Meat Kroket

The "Dutch croquette" is prepared with meat from cows that graze in nature. Natural bounty!

Chicken Loempia

Filled with chicken filet without any added fat, with a mix of carrots, onions, white cabbage and vermicelli vegetables. This altogether is wrapped in a crispy skin. Great taste!

Meat Tostini

A tostini made of crunchy leavened bread with ham and smooth tasting cheddar cheese. An irresistable classic!

Meat Flammkuchen

A thin and crispy pastry topped with crème fraiche and sour cream, topped with emmentaler cheese, red onion and chive

Tasty Veggie

Our vegi snacks are so sublime in taste and texture that even meat lovers can hardly resist.

Vegi Burger

The vegi burger which contains soya & wheat is so sublime in taste and texture that even meat lovers can hardly resist.

Vegi Croquette

This vegi croquette is prepared with parsnip, chestnut mushrooms and curry. Pure and wholesome ingredients originating from Holland. Pure nature!

Vegi Spring roll

The vegi roll consists of a mix of carrots, onions, cauliflower and vermicelli vegetables.This altogether is wrapped in a crispy skin. Extra crispy and a nice golden brown color!

Vegi Tostini

When you combine portabello mushrooms with shallots and "Zeeuwse" goats cheese, it results in a surprisingly tasty vegetarian tostini. The food is out there!

Vegi Flammkuchen

The vegetarian "flammkuchen" is topped with goat cheese, dried tomatoes, ruola, olives, & balsamico/oliveoil. Less is more!

Fries in the peel

with full-flavoured mayonnaise Our potatoes are especially created and selected for their flavour. From the countryside! Freshly washed and scrubbed and then cut and deep fried à la Grizzl.  The skin of the potato with extra vitamins and flavour is also deep fried. This makes the french fries healthier and tastier.

grizzl stores

Nadat hij drie seizoenen met de foodtruck het festivalpubliek heeft laten proeven, is de tijd aangebroken voor de eerste 
Grizzl winkels in Amsterdam. Dat is goed nieuws voor iedereen die veel trek heeft en zich niet vol wil stoppen met onnodige geur-, kleur- en smaakstoffen. Want Grizzl is een natuurlijke lekkerbek die altijd de beste hapjes weet te vinden. Meat of Veggie; het is voor hem allemaal goed. Zolang het maar eerlijk en echt is en met smaak bereid. Dus duurzaam!

grizzl is here

grizzl-kaartje Grizzl - Gelderlandplein Willem van Weldammelaan 9A 1082 KT Amsterdam. T. 020 - 661 82 20 Maandag t/m zaterdag geopend van 11.00 - 20.00 uur. Zondag van 12.00 - 20.00 uur. Klik hier voor de Grizzl menukaart. Grizzl bezorgt (omgeving Zuid-as) ook bij je thuis via Deliveroo & Uber.


Grizzl - Market 33 Claude Debussylaan 33, 1082 MC Amsterdam. T. 06-51153663 Maandag t/m vrijdag geopend van 11.00 - 21.00 uur. Grizzl bezorgt (omgeving Zuid-as) ook bij je thuis via Deliveroo & Uber

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food truck

We don't even try to keep it a secret: Grizzl loves parties.

You can see that when you look at our foodtruck made of recycled wood, hand pantings and chalk boards.

It oozes enthusiasm!

Grizzl is here!

For every event we privide a suitable selection of our snacks. A meat & vegi burger in combination with fresh unpeeled fries or a Dutch croquette with pure and wholesome ingredients. Also, for kids we have a fitting meat and vegetarian supply consisting of, among other things mini burgers, mini croquettes and small fries with mayonaise. For more information you can alsways contact us at: or book us now! Click here for the technical specifications of our foodtruck.

Waar staat de Grizzl food truck in 2016?

Bijlage 1 Waar staat de Grizzl food truck in 2016? Klik hier

Hier waren wij in 2015

Thuishaven • Nieuwjaarsborrels • Fashionshow • Vindicat • Verjaardagen • Culy Food Festival • WEB Beurs • Kingsday Open Air • Bevrijdingsfestival • Rollende keukens • Off the Record • Taste of Amsterdam • Rrrollend Rotterdam • Station Sloterdijk • Op Dreef Festival • Efteling • Nomads • All We Want • Graefenthal • Live On Stage • Huwelijk Friesland • Blijdorp Festival • Sail Amsterdam • Mysteryland • Magneet Festival • Behind Bars Festival • Zakelijke events • Halloween • Pieperparade • Bunq • ABN AMRO • NN • Wayne Parker Kent

Hier waren wij in 2014

NPO  •  Kingsday Open Air (Bakermat)  • Food Film Festival  •  Taste of Amsterdam  •  Reizende Sterren  •  De Lange Heerlijkheid  •  Edit Festival  •  Slagerzfestival  •  Eindhoven Culinair  •  Op Dreef Festival  •  Familituin • Best Kept Secret • Foute Party Q-Music • All We Want Fesutval • Graefenthal • Kleurenblind • Thuishaven Zomercircus • Tik Tak • Thuishaven op Reis • Blijdorp Festival • Inkom • Magneet Festival • Pleinvrees • Singelloop Utrecht • ADE • Hotelschool 65 • Alcatrash • Taste of Christmas • Valhalla

Hier waren wij in 2013

Nivon Pinksterkamp Kleurenblind Festival •Bruiloft Winterswijk • Bourgondische Buitenmarkt • Graefenthal Festival • Summer Darkness • Buitenspelen Festival • Strafwerk Festival • Sweatfest • Uitmarkt Amsterdam • Moby King • Routz • Dam tot Damloop • 1001 Smaken • Keizersrande • Join for Joy • Breekjaar

Highlights 2013-2014


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Meat & Veggie Burger Meat & Veggie Croquette Chicken & Veggie Spring roll
Meat & Veggie Tostini Meat & Veggie Flammkuchen Fries in the peel
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