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Grizzl has a nose for good food


Grizzl is the friendliest of bears who knows just where to find the tastiest bites.


Meat, veggie or vegan, it’s all available for you! Honest and real food, prepared with love and flavour. Only that combination can give a real feeling of satisfaction, so that you can continue on your journey full of energy.




Grizzl’s life is full of surprises at every turn so no wonder he loves it so much! Wanna keep up with his adventures?
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During my time in high school, I was always visiting snack bars and fast food restaurants for the perfect combination of food and fun. I remember how much I’d look forward to those delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes. It all looked so nice and tasted even better! It was more than just a meal, it was having a great time with my friends and I realized fast food was cool!

Only a short few years later, I noticed that after eating the same burgers again and again I was more and more dissatisfied. I would even leave with a guilty feeling! At first I thought it was because I grew up on home cooked meals with my family, where there was never room for fast food. My mother taught us what ‘real’ food is and fast food never seemed to meet those standards. She taught that it can only be good when you use the right and best ingredients. The only ‘fast food’ we had was home-made fries. At the time, I didn’t appreciate just how cool that was...

Later on, during my studies at the Higher Hotel School, I learned how food affects the body and the mind and I was incredibly happy that my mother gave me a basis for a healthy food lifestyle. Those ‘old school’ fast food chains don’t produce food, I know that now, it just looks like food. They are merely disguised calorie bombs, filled with sugar and bad fats. They give you a ‘full’ feeling but with a nutritional value of zero point zero. I now understood where my dissatisfied feeling was coming from after eating all of those burgers. And my guilt was because I knew it was bad for me, but I lacked a real alternative so I went for it. And we went there every time because our lives were getting busier and busier. Making good food takes time and we didn’t allow ourselves that luxury so we kept running around in the same circle, guilty burger after guilty burger.

That is, until I broke that circle and started Grizzl! A guilt free burger that my friends and I can feel satisfied eating again and again. We want to serve everyone in their busy lives good and tasty food so that they can continue the day full of energy. And with ‘all people’, We don’t just mean meat eaters but also vegetarians and vegans. And all of that should result in a delicious burger with amazing fresh fries. As long as it’s made with love, with real ingredients, and not from a factory serving a synthetic product.

With Grizzl we want to change the fast food market in the Netherlands, we want to redefine how we feel about eating fast food when it’s made with care and proper ingredients. Because we love fast food and because we love honest and real food. By combining these two qualities - and letting our friends be our taste testers and approve everything - we know for certain that we ‘get’ the Netherlands and what good natured food should be. First with the food truck on location, and now with Grizzl stores!

With the warmest greetings,

Philip Paternotte

Please feel free to respond because your suggestions are more than welcome! I know there is always room for improvement and we are always working to be better than the day before.

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